गुरुवार, 8 अक्तूबर 2020

शेयर बाजर सोना चांदी आज की खबरें

 #Asian and US futures on high due to renewed #stimulus hope from US:



Resistance: 50312-50577-50793

Support: 49831-49615-49350


Resistance: 61122-61824-62716

Support: 59528-58636-57934

*GOLD$* - 1887

Resistance: 1898-1908.7-1920.6-1927.5

Support: 1875.3-1863.4-1852.7-1845.8

*SILVER$* - 23.79

Resistance: 24.1-24.41-24.94-25.11

Support: 23.26-22.74-22.43-22.26


Disclaimer:- these articles just for news sharing purpose not advising to anyone's to buy or sell we are not responsible for your profit or loss.

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